What is a modern marketer?

What Makes A Modern Marketer?

We’ve all heard the terms digital marketing, on-line marketing & internet marketing coined or spoken from every agency, potential client, blogger, student, marketer & company across the globe.

We’ve also heard the term traditional marketing from those exact same people, but of late probably not as much.

Digital marketing is a hot item. Everyone wants digital marketing, everyone is spending money on digital marketing & if you believe the surveys, Australians are the most confident worldwide in their ability to deliver digital marketing activity. We are also the most motivated to learn more about digital marketing. Nicely done Australia.

So while I understand the importance, have seen the benefits, do as much reading as I can & listen to a number of podcasts to stay relevant (did someone say motivated Australian?) and know the variety of reasons that digital marketing can help a business grow, it is still essentially just a part of marketing. You know, the marketing we learnt in university with text books and substantial HELP debt.

So while it is a necessity for businesses to have some digital presence, for most businesses, digital marketing will never exist as the be-all and end-all for your marketing efforts.  This makes it all the more important for a modern day marketer to be equipped with all the right tools.

What Is Modern Marketing?

Modern Marketing

A digital marketer needs to understand SEO, Google (Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Trends, Adwords), Social Media, Email Automation & Workflows, Retargeting, Website Development (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), HTML, Adobe Suite (PhotoShop, InDesign, Dreamweaver), Mobile Marketing & everything in-between.

A modern day marketer needs to understand all of these digital marketing methods and then some. Traditional marketing methods and knowledge of above the line terms such as TARPs, reach, frequency, and press rate cards may not be needed every day, but are still as important as ever.

Understanding printing methods, signage materials and where to place a billboard are critical for a modern day marketer to save costs on anything that goes to print and production. Same goes for understanding the processes required to organise printed apparel, promotional items or even warehousing.

A modern day marketer should be able to sit with a client, stakeholder or marketing team and be able to develop a local, regional or national campaign that delivers on primary goals and objectives. Whether it’s a mix of radio, television, Social Media or Google Adwords, a modern day marketer should be able to advise, implement or brief any of these things.

Art Vs Science = Modern Marketing

Marketing has always been about targeting your ideal customers, seeking a conversion, engaging your customers and analysing the results. Whether it’s through traditional or digital marketing channels the end game is the same but the elements during and after may vary greatly.

The difficulty in the traditional sense has always been about how to measure the impact that television, radio, press, apparel, merchandising, branding, etc. have on your bottom line. There are always instances where you can attribute certain success to participation in any of those aspects but realistically this success is based on an educated guess.

This forever ‘unknown’ in your traditional marketing dictates the importance or effect that ‘art’ has in modern marketing. The art in any campaign will always be critical to a campaigns success as it needs to be creative enough to generate a response from your target customers. Art is always a risk; it can be an acquired taste that even with the right amount of research can still fail.

On the other hand of modern marketing, and the most empowering, is the new ‘science’ that digital marketing now offers.

Digital marketing isn’t always pretty, it may not have a ‘wow’ factor like some of the traditional methods but it’s much more accountable. With ongoing adjustment you should be able to determine or dictate your results with scalability always on your mind if budget allows.  There is still ‘art’ in digital marketing and this is why a traditional marketer will always be helpful when setting up a digital campaign, but the science is something that comes with time and an understanding of key metrics.

Being able to look at insights and make decisions based on fact is a powerful thing but having the knowledge to do it is what makes a modern marketer so valuable. I don’t think anyone can claim to be an expert at anything but I believe if you have an understanding of most things digital and most things traditional you’ll make one hell of a modern marketer.

So, Who Is A Modern Marketer?

A modern marketer is someone that understands traditional & digital methods of marketing, it is not one or the other but a mix of the two.

A modern marketer has artistic flair but can apply scientific analysis.

A modern marketer should be paid more!

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